Valley Bible Church's AWANA Cubbies

Our Awana Cubbie program is for boys and girls of pre-school age, beginning at three years old. Our goal is to assist you in teaching your child about God and spiritual things. Cubbies is a fun and exciting place where your child will learn truths from the Bible in many different and concrete ways.

We all enjoy working with your children and helping them grow in their knowledge of God and His Word. We consider our leaders and parents as a team working together for the sake of your child. We need to have good communication between us. We will do our best to keep you informed about what's going on at Cubbies. Please let us know of anything that is going on in your child's life that might effect him or her as a Cubbie. We will be praying for your families this year and would encourage your prayers for us this year. They definitely help to make our club successful!!

AWANA Cubbies Group

Cubbie Schedule:

4:00 - 4:15 pm Arrival Time
4:15 - 4:45 pm Starting and Story Time
4:50 - 5:20 pm Snack and Book Time
5:25 - 5:55 Ppm Play Time and Awards
5:55 - 6:00 pm Departure Time

/Sign-out Procedures

1. An Adult must sign-in/sign-out your Cubbie. We will not release your Cubbie to a sibling. If an adult other than yourselves is going to be picking up your child, please let us know.

2. You need to leave a phone number every week where you (or somebody) can be reached during club, in case a problem arises.

3. Our sign-in sheet is located just outside Room 104. You may come into Room 104 to drop off and pick up your Cubbie.

4. Their Cubbie books/bags need to be placed in their team's book tub when they arrive and retrieved from these same tubs when you pick up your child They will be located near the sign-in sheet just outside Room 104.

5. Please send your Cubbie to club well fed, well rested and feeling well. Please, no sick Cubbies!!!

Book Time

Cubbies will be put on a Book Time Team with one Leader and one Leader in Training. Each team will have a maximum of 6 Cubbies.

All Cubbies begin with the Bear Hug Brochure. You can obtain a Cubbie vest from our Secretary and once the Bear Hug Brochure is complete, we will present it to your child during Cubbies. (Returning Cubbies do not need to purchase a new vest.)

Each Cubbies will be given a Jumper Book which needs to come in some sort of bag every week. (Bags are available for purchase.)

We will proceed through the book, in order (except where noted) and together as a club.

Everybody in Cubbies will be working on the same section or "Bear Hug" at the same time. Please sign and date each Bear Hug when your child has completed it. In case of absence, Bear Hug sections can be made up when Cubbie returns. Cubbies can get two helps per section. The Under the Apple Tree" sections are designed to give you other ways to reinforce the Bible truth that is being taught. These are considered extra and are not necessary for completion of a Bear Hug section.

Please permanently label your Cubbie book, bag and vest. If your book is lost, you must pay for the second one.