Valley Bible Church's AWANA - Varsity

Varsity is a program for high school age students, geared toward studying the Bible, encouraging each other, holding each other accountable and memorizing Scripture.

Here at Valley Bible Church, Varsity is considered a discipleship program within our existing High School youth ministry. All students wishing to be involved in Journey 24-7 at our church must regularly attend the youth group as well.

We began our High School Awana program in Fall of 2000. David and Susan Mitchell started and lead the group. Our program currently serves about 15-20 youth.

We meet Sunday from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. Our average Sunday consists of playing a game (Bible Pictionary, Bible Blurt or some other crowd breaker type game), eating our weekly snack, discussing what we've been reading in the Bible that week and what we learned from it, discussing our Awana lesson from that week and answering questions about it, meeting in small groups, discussing prayer requests and weekly goals, reviewing memory verses and praying together.

We have special activities each year, including: Sparks Camp-O-Rama (where we serve the Sparks), a regional weekend of competition, National Competition, and Scholorship Camp. These are extra activities and students are not required to participate, although they are very fun and we encourage attendance.

Our Journey program is overseen by our High School Ministry.