Valley Bible Church's - Adult Education Class on Personal Financial Management

Below are the classes from the 2014 Personal Financial Management Class led by Brad Neal.

Class Worksheets

Class DatesBiblical Principle / Budgeting PracticeWeekly Handout
January 19We Are Stewards / What is a Budget?Wk 1 Handout
January 26Money is Morally Neutral / Know Where You Are FinanciallyWk 2 Handout
February 2Money Indicates Our Heart / Know Where You Are Going FinanciallyWk 3 Handout
February 9It's A Matter of Self Control / Adjusting Your SpendingWk 4 Handout
February 16God's Priority For Our Resources 1 / Plan For The (Un)ExpectedWk 5 Handout
February 23God's Priority For Our Resources 2 / Debt Is A DragWk 6 Handout
March 2Work Is A Blessing / How Do We Get Money?Wk 7 Handout
March 9God's Priority For Our Resources 3 / Care For Your FamilyWk 8 Handout
March 16God's Priority For Our Resources 4 / Plan to InvestWk 9 Handout
March 23How Much Is Enough? / Plan For Your ProtectionWk 10 Handout
March 30God Gives All Things To Enjoy / Putting It All TogetherWk 11 Handout
April 6We Are Accountable! / Plan For Your DemiseWk 12 Handout
April 13God Is Sovereign! / Plan For Your Retirement?Wk 13 Handout
April 20No Meeting - Easter
April 27God's Plan In Government / Training The Next GenerationWk 14 Handout
May 4Conclusion and Wrap UpWk 15 Handout