Valley Bible Church - Deacon Scott VanWeelden

Scott Van Weelden loves the Lord, his family and singing (airplanes are also in the mix). He fell in love with God as a young man when he left his caring, Christian home in Montana to study aerospace engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He encountered people who challenged his "head knowledge" of Christ and encouraged him to commit his life to Christ.

Scott VanWeelden

While there he also met his 2nd love, Lisa, and in 1995 swept her away to the desert to design airplanes and begin their family circus—at last count 2 sons, 3 daughters and no pets (unless you count the lizards!).

Scott had been involved in instrumental music most of his life but didn’t discover his interest in singing until his senior year of high school. Scott joined the Valley Bible music ministry in 1997 and has been blessed to work with some godly men and women who also happen to be smashing musicians.
In his spare time (which is humorous considering he has five children) Scott enjoys reading, coaching (and sometime playing) soccer and keeping the house in one piece (more or less).