Valley Bible Church Deacons

While elders are the overseers of a congregation, the deacons are the officially recognized servants who serve the church in leading certain church ministries. As deacons are set apart to manage the ministries within the congregation, the elders are better able to fulfill their primary function of oversight. If the leaders of any group, organization, or nation become too immersed within the mechanics of the operation, they may very well be unable to offer truly effective oversight. Our goal is to have every one of our ministry leaders to be recognized as a deacon of Valley Bible Church.

In addition, our deacons serve our elders by providing counsel, advising the elders in their shepherding role. At our monthly leadership meeting, our deacons give very valuable input regarding the direction of Valley Bible Church and the issues that we encounter during the normal course of ministry.

Deacons will have demonstrated their servant's heart in their character and their ministry (cf. Acts 6; 1 Timothy 3:8-13). There is no set time limit for our deacons to serve in their capacity. Valley Bible Church has been greatly blessed by a large number of committed people who serve the church faithfully in their capacity as a deacon and we hope that each one will continue to serve our church for many years to come.

Deacons likewise must be...

  • Respectable
  • Truthful
  • Temperate
  • Free from the love of money
  • A pure testimony
  • Of proven character
  • Blameless
  • The husband of one wife
  • Good management of his children and household

1 Timothy 3:8-12