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Our partnership with Hamadera Bible Church in Osaka, Japan began in 1990. In August of 2000, Daisuke and Marcia Okada were sent from our church to serve through Hamadera Bible Church. They have served faithfully in many areas of our church, including our Adult Christian Education classes, our College Ministry, our Growth Groups and most significantly our Japanese Ministry for many years.

Map of Japan

Since 1990 we have enjoyed over 200 students who have visited Valley Bible through the ministry of Hamadera Bible for our four week homestay tour. The vast majority of those students have been unsaved with many hearing the message of the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time. Several of these students have accepted Christ and have become actively involved at Hamadera Bible Church.

Many of our families have enjoyed the opportunity to have a cross-cultural ministry right in their own homes. Quite a number of families have hosted students again and again. Our children have benefited as well by learning from personal experience about another culture and language.

Also, several of our members have visited Hamadera Bible Church, including three of our five elders. Notably Randy Thompson, one of our deacons, served at Hamadera in evangelism ministry from 1994 to 1999. In fact, Randy and Rebecca's two sons, Christian and Jace, were born in Japan.

Our annual Spring Japan Ministry Trip is normally scheduled for March when a group of members of our church will visit Hamadera Bible Church for a time of ministry.

Here is a video report given to the VBC congregation in April 2015 on the Ministry in Japan by Daisuke Okada.

Map of Japan Ministry

Here is a video report given to the VBC congregation on the Japan earthquake in 2011 by Daisuke Okada.

You can view the Hamadera Bible Ministries website here (site in Japanese)