Valley Bible Church's Sermon Notes on The First Epistle of Thessalonians

The First Epistle of Thessalonians (1996 - 1997)

I. Goals for the Church (1:1-10)

A. An Elect Church (1:1-4)

1. The content of the church

2. The character of the church

B. An Exemplary Church (1:5-7)

C. An Enthusiastic and Expectant Church (1:8-10)

II. Growth of the Church (2:1-12)

A. The Work of a Faithful Steward (2:1-6)

1. The manner and message of ministry

2. The motive of ministry

3. The method of ministry

B. The Work of a Nursing Mother (2:7-8)

C. The Work of a Concerned Father (2:9-12)

1. Ministry by leading

2. Ministry by example

3. Ministry by exhorting and encouraging

III. Going to the Church (2:13-3:13)

A. Different Responses to the Word (2:13-16)

1. The Reception of the Word

2. The Rejection of the Word

B. Dramatic Affection for the Church (2:17-20)

1. The Present Affection for the Thessalonians

2. The Present Affection for the Thessalonians Thwarted

3. The Eternal Affection for the Thessalonians

C. Departure of Timothy to the Church (3:1-10)

1. The reason Timothy was sent

2. The report from Timothy

D. Desires of Paul for the Church (3:11-13)

1. Prayer for the visit

2. Prayer for their love

3. Prayer for their holiness

IV. Giving Exhortation to the Church (4:1-5:22)

A. Walk in sexual purity (4:1-12)

1. Abstain from sexual immorality

2. Control the physical body

3. Refrain from Defrauding

4. Act with love and integrity

B. Comfort in the Coming of Christ (4:13-18)

1. The Coming of Christ in general

2. The Coming of Christ in detail

C. Distinguished from the World (5:1-11)

1. Knowledge and Ignorance

2. Expectancy and Suprise

3. Soberness and Drunkenness

D. Live responsibly in the Church (5:12-15)

1. Responsibilities of the Leaders to the Church

2. Responsibilities of the Church to the Leaders

3. Responsibilities of the Church to Itself

E. Live holy as individuals (5:16-18)

1. Rejoice always

2. Pray without ceasing

3. In everything give thanks

F. Live holy as a church (5:19-22)

1. How to not quench the Spirit

2. Popular movements that quench The Spirit

a. The Charismatic Movement quenches the Spirit

b. The Psychological movment quenches the Spirit

c. The Church growth movment quenches the Spirit

3. Despising prophecy quenches the Spirit

a. Prophecy described

b. False prophecy discerned

c. True prophecy distinguished

V. Godly Prayer (5:23-28)

A. Prayer for Sanctification (5:23-24)

1. What sanctification is

2. What sanctification does

B. Prayer for the Church Leaders (5:25-28)

1. Prayer for their deliverance

2. Prayer for their ministry