Valley Bible Church's Sermon Notes on The Second Epistle of Peter

The Second Epistle of Peter (2005 - 2006)

I. God's Word For Us (1:1-21)

A. Our position by righteousness (1:1-4)

B. Our practice of righteousness (1:5-11)

C. Our plan for remembering (1:12-15)

D. Our prophetic revelation (1:16-21)

II. God's Wrath On Them (2:1-22)

A. The conduct of false teachers (2:1-3)

B. The condemnation of false teachers (2:4-10)

C. The characteristics of false teachers (2:10-22)

III. God's Work Around Us (3:1-18)

A. Remembering God's Wrath (3:1-7)

B. Respecting God's Will (3:8-13)

C. Responding to God's Will (3:14-18)