Valley Bible Church's Sermon Questions on The Acts of the Apostles

The Acts of the Apostles (2008-Present)

A. The Witness in Jerusalem (1:1-7:60)

1. The preparation for the church (1:1-26)

a. Waiting on God's Spirit (1:1-5)

b. Waiting on God's kingdom (1:6-11)

c. Waiting with God's people (1:12-26)

1) The return of the apostles (1:12-14)

2) The replacement of Judas (1:15-26)

2. The provision of the church delivered (2:1-47)

a. The arrival of the Holy Spirit (2:1-4)

b. The amazement of the Jews (2:5-13)

c. The address of Peter (2:14-36)

d. The acceptance by the Jews (2:37-41)

3. The power of the church displayed (3:1-26)

a. God's work through Peter (3:1-10)

b. God's word through Peter (3:11-26)

4. The persecution of the church decends (4:1-31)

a. Peter in prison (4:1-12)

b. Peter on trial (4:13-22)

c. Peter in prayer (4:23-31)

5. The purity of the church demanded (4:32-5:11)

a. A good example of giving (4:32-37)

b. A bad example of giving (5:1-11)

6. The persecution of the church develops (5:12-42)

a. The authentication of the apostles (5:12-16)

b. The arrest of the apostles (5:17-32)

c. The advice regarding the apostles (5:33-42)

7. The problems of the church described (6:1-8:4)

a. Stephen designated by the church (6:1-7)

b. Stephen dragged before the council (6:8-15)

c. Stephen's defense before the council (7:1-53)

1) God's promise to Abraham (7:1-8)

2) God's provision through Joseph (7:9-16)

3) God's power through Moses (7:17-43)

4) God's perspective on the temple (7:44-53)

d. Stephen's death by the council (7:54-60)

e. Saul's depravity against the church (8:1-4)

B. The Witness in Samaria (8:5-9:31)

1. The ministry of Philip (8:5-40)

a. The ministry of Philip to the Samaritans (8:5-8)

b. The ministry of Philip to Simon (8:9-24)

c. The ministry of Philip to the Ethiopian Eunuch (8:25-40)

2. The ministry to Saul (9:1-31)

a. The calling of Saul (9:1-9)

b. The calling of Ananias (9:10-19)

c. The conspiracy against Saul in Damascus (9:19-25)

d. The conspiracy against Saul in Jerusalem (9:26-31)

III. The witness to the remotest part of the earth (9:32-28:31)

A. The ministry of Peter (9:32-12:24)

1. The restoring of Aeneas (9:32-35)

2. The raising of Dorcas (9:36-43)

3. The redemption of the Gentiles (10:1-11:30)

a. The vision to Cornelius (10:1-8)

b. The vision to Peter (10:9-16)

c. The visit by Peter (10:17-33)

d. The message by Peter to the Gentiles (10:34-43)

e. The ministry by the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles (10:44-48)

f. The ministry by Peter to the Jerusalem church (11:1-18)

g. The ministry by church of Antioch to the Gentiles (11:19-26)

h. The ministry by church of Antioch to Judea (11:27-30)

4. The ruin of Herod (12:1-24)

a. Herod's repression (12:1-5)

b. Peter's rescue (12:6-17)

c. Herod's ruin (12:18-24)

B. The ministry spreads to Asia Minor (12:25-15:35)

1. The choosing of Barnabas and Saul in Antioch (12:25-13:3)

2. The confrontation with Paul in Cyprus (13:4-12)

3. The capitulation of John Mark in Perga (13:13)

4. The communication of the gospel in Pisdian Antioch (13:14-52)

a. God's faithfulness in retrospect (13:14-25)

b. God's faithfulness in the resurrection (13:26-37)

c. God's faithfulness in redemption (13:38-43)

d. God's faithfulness in rejection (13:44-52)

5. The conflict with the Jews in Iconium (14:1-7)

6. The confusion over Paul in Lystra (14:8-20)

7. The completion of the journey in Antioch (14:21-28)

8. The council concerning the Gentiles in Jerusalem (15:1-35)

a. The issue of the Law of Moese (15:1-5)

b. The instruction by Peter (15:6-11)

c. The instruction by James (15:12-21)

d. The implementation by letter (15:22-35)

C. The ministry spreads to Greece (15:36-18:23)

1. The conflict with Barnabas in Antioch (15:36-41)

2. The choice of Timothy in Lystra (16:1-5)

3. The change of plans in Troas (16:6-10)

4. The conversion of Lydia in Philippi (16:11-15)

5. The capture of Paul in Philippi (16:16-24)

6. The conviction of the jailer in Philippi (16:25-34)

7. The courage of Paul in Philippi (16:35-40)

8. The conflict with the Jews in Thessalonica (17:1-9)

9. The commitment of the Jews in Berea (17:10-15)

10. The conversations with Paul in Athens (17:16-21)

11. The communication of the gospel in Athens (17:22-34)

12. The commencement of the ministry in Corinth (18:1-4)


13. The continuation of the ministry in Corinth (18:5-11)

14. The conclusion of the ministry in Corinth (18:12-22)

D. The ministry spreads to Ephesus (18:23-21:16)

1. The repentance in Ephesus (18:23-19:20)

a. The ministry of Apollos (18:23-28)

b. The ministry to the disciples of John (19:1-10)

c. The ministry to the magicians of Ephesus (19:11-20)

2. The riot in Ephesus (19:21-41)

3. The route to Greece (20:1-16)

4. The reunion in Miletus (20:13-38)

a. The review of Paul's ministry (20:17-27)

b. The responsibility of church leaders (20:28-31)

c. The resources for church leaders (20:32-38)

5. The return to Jerusalem (21:1-16)