Children's Ministries of Valley Bible Church

The children of Valley Bible Church are a very important part of our church family. Therefore, we have designed special classes for them to attend in order to prepare them to live the Christian life into adulthood. In fact, we believe that children are better served in age appropriate classes with their peers rather than sitting with their parents in a church service as they are not yet mature enough to fully appreciate the worship and bible teaching.

We believe that it is essential that our children grow up with good friends who are following Christ in their local church. We encourage parents to begin this participation in the life of the church at the earliest age.

We have a very dedicated and large staff serving our Children's ministry. Not including our annual Vacation Bible School, we have over 90 adults serving in our Children's Ministry. This not only provides for a strong teacher-student ratio, it also gives those who are serving Christ the opportunity to grow in their faith.

Children's Ministry