Valley Bible Church's - Church Library & Media Center

Our Media Center is designed to supplement the ministry of the church in equipping each member for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13). It is not a replacement for the Bible but will hopefully stimulate you in your knowledge of God's Word.

Toward this end, we have set aside certain books as recommended. These are books that we consider to be among the most helpful on certain subjects. We have a variety of media available, including books designed for all ages, sermon tapes dating back to 1983, other audio teaching tapes, video teaching tapes and books on audio tape. We also have reference material available for more in-depth study of the Bible.


We hope that everyone will be able to find something that is at their level of interest and understanding, for those who read a lot or a little and even for those who have less time but could listen to an audio tape in the car.

The material in our media center includes some teachings that we do not agree with. We have chosen to allow those books to be available because we believe that we can learn from contrasting the truth of God's Word with the error from the world.