Valley Bible Church's History

The history of Valley Bible Church stretches back to its founding in 1956. A brief chronology of that history is shown here. The following photo is from 1967. The area has changed a bit since then!

View of Valley Bible Church - 1967

Here is a movie of our church at different eras of history, set to our own music which encourages commitment. You need Quicktime from to view this.

Time Line

1956 -- The beginnings of what would become Valley Bible Church starts with a small group of believers who are led by Ernie Schroeder from Roosevelt Community Church, which still meets at 45556 70th Street East. This first meeting occurs on September 30, 1956 at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. This small group of Christians believe that a non-denominational, Bible-believing church is needed on the west side of Lancaster.
1957 -- A building fund is established with $345 and a search for land is begun.
1958 -- Valley Bible Church of Lancaster files articles of incorporation with the State of California as a non-profit religious organization. A church constitution with 36 charter members is established on May 2, 1958. One couple, Gary and Betty Craton, continue to actively serve VBC over 40 years later. The pastoral salary is increased to $75 per week.
1959 -- In February, the southwest quadrant (2.5 acres) of our current property is purchased for $5,500.
1960 -- The church auditorium constructed.
1964 -- The northwest quadrant of our property is purchased for $10,000. This included a small house with a carport, now known as "the cottage." There are 53 "regular members" of Valley Bible Church.
1965 -- The entire single story classroom building is completed.
1968 -- The parking lot is paved and a foyer is added on to the auditorium.
1973 -- Dale Whitehead arrives in September, replacing founding pastor Ernie Schroeder.
1975 -- A second worship service is added on Sunday morning.
1978 -- Our AWANA ministry starts in the auditorium on Wednesday evenings.
1979 -- The two story classroom building is constructed.
1982 -- Elder rule is adopted as the congregation votes for the last time. The elders are Dale Whitehead and Dick Paxman, who is now home with the Lord
1983 -- The audio taping of the Sunday morning service begins. Our tape ministry has now been converted to real audio and mp3.
1987 -- The church property is landscaped. The Sunday evening service is eliminated in order to involve every member in home Bible studies, known as Growth Groups, during the week. Also, the first season of the VBC softball league, begins with four teams.
1990 -- A sister church relationship with Hamadera Bible Church in Osaka, Japan begins. Since then we have hosted over 200 visitors from HBC and sent two missionary families to serve full-time through this church.
1991 -- Years of sustained church growth as the church more than doubles in size.
1995 -- The 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening service begins, for a total of three worship services.
1998 -- A plan for construction of new parking lot, auditorium and classrooms is introduced.
1999 -- A third worship service on Sunday morning is added, for a total of four worship services. Also, our web site is launched, now receiving over 500,000 hits each month.
2000 -- Our Deaf Fellowship begins to meet under the leadership of Francisco Aceves. We begin our Varsity Awana program to serve our high schoolers.
2001 -- Construction and landscaping is completed for new parking lot.
2002 -- The five acres to the immediate east of our church is purchased for $175,000.
2005 -- Over 400 people brave the flooded parking lot to attend church on Sunday, January 9.
2006 -- The construction of our auditorium begins.
2007 -- Worship begins in our new auditorium on April 29th.