Valley Bible Church's Position Papers

A fundamental ministry of Valley Bible Church is to teach the Word of God and guide the church to know God and serve Him faithfully. Over the years of study, teaching and ministry, we have encountered many doctrinal issues over which Christians have questions and disagreements. As we have developed convictions regarding these theological truths we have attempted to fulfill our mandate to teach and exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict. We are deeply committed to imparting the full teaching of the Bible to this church and the following papers are an extension of our teaching ministry. Future papers will be added as they are developed. We hope they will be read with care and that you will examine whether these things are so (Acts 17:11).

Subject Description Download Paper
El Aborto
Why we believe abortion is wrong. pdf
Baptism Why baptism is necessary and how it is done. pdf
The Bible Code Why the so-called "Bible Code" is a farce. pdf
The Christian's obligation to the Law of Moses Why Christians are no longer under the Mosaic Law. pdf
Church Discipline Why the church needs discipline and how it should be approached. pdf
The Church and Government Why we believe Christians should obey the government and when disobedience is necessary. pdf
Church Leadership
Liderazgo Eclesiastico
The biblical pattern of church leadership. pdf
The Church and Politics Why we believe the church should refrain from political activism. pdf
Cloning, Genetic Engineering & IVF Biblical issues involved in certain medical technology. pdf
Consejería Bíblica
How we believe God wants people to be helped with their problems. pdf
Creationism What the Bible teaches about the creation. pdf
Why the Bible teaches that God chose people for salvation. pdf
Eternal Security Why those who truly believe in Christ will not lose their salvation. pdf
The Gift of Tongues
El Donde Lenguas
What the Bible says the gift of tongues is and why we believe God is no longer giving people this ability in our day. pdf
Healing How to biblically evaluate modern claims of healing. pdf
The Inerrancy of the Bible
Why the Bible is trustworthy. pdf
The King James Version Why the King James Version is not the only true Bible translation. pdf
The Lord's Supper Why communion is necessary and how it is done. pdf
Marriage and Divorce
El Divorcio
What the Bible says about marriage and when divorce is allowed. pdf
The Millennium A biblical analysis of the coming millennial kingdom. pdf

Ministering the Gospel to Children What we believe is the best approach to evangelizing children. pdf

Missions The mission of God is what drives and directs the mission of the church. pdf

Moral and Non-moral Issues
How to clearly distinguish what is sinful. pdf
Our Counsel on Schooling Options How to succeed in different schooling choices. pdf
Parachurches Our concerns about parachurches. pdf
The Prayer of Jabez The serious flaws with Bruce Wilkenson's best selling book. pdf
La Profecia
Why we believe the only prophecy we have today is found in the Bible. pdf
The Rapture of the Church What the future holds for all Christians. pdf
El Arrepentimiento
What repentance is and is not. pdf
Spiritual Warfare
Guerra Espiritual
Correcting much of the misinformation regarding how we should respond to the evil one. pdf
Tithing What the Bible really says about our obligation to give to our local church. pdf
The Unreached
Los No Alcanzados
Why those who are unreached are without excuse. pdf
The Will of God
La Voluntad de Dios
What the Bible teaches about how to find God's will for your life. pdf
Women's Roles in the Church
Las Mujeres En La Iglesia
What the Bible teaches regarding the function of women in the church. pdf