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Internet Browser Issues

Browser Requirements

A browser is the software that lets you view the internet. You're using a browser right now to view this page.

Should a page not display properly in your browser it may be due to your browser needing an update. Browsers are continuously being updated to address things like security issues. Also, older browsers don't always display things the way they should. So, the first thing to check is what version of your browser are you currently using?

As each browser is a bit different, the following instructions may not be precisely what you'll see. On the very top of the browser, just under the title bar, is the menu bar. Normally on the right side is a menu item called 'Help'. By left clicking on this link and then left clicking on the About sub-link you'll be able to determine what version of your browser that you have.

PC users - check for your latest browser version.

Mac users - check for your latest browser version.

Internet Browsers

If there is an issue that this page has not addressed, please
email iconask for our assistance.

Issues with Video files

Valley Bible has used different video formats over the years. Some of our older videos may not be as clear or the sound quality may be a bit distorted; we apologize for this inconvenience. Reformatting of these videos to a modern format is not possible at this time due to labor and time constraints.

Videos you'll find on this site have been recorded in the following formats:

Most modern players may be able to display any of the formats above. Your computer (pc) would normally come with Windows Media Player (.wmv) installed. The other players can be easily downloaded and installed.

NOTE: Software will generally ask you if you want it to be the default player. If you're not sure or you utilize another player to play your music or videos, etc. then it would probably be best to say no to this question.

Issues with Audio files

Our audio files have been recorded in the following formats:

  • .ra - Real Audio
  • .mp3 - MPEG-1 encoded audio format

The Real Video player listed above will also play your Real Audio files.

VLC Player

Recommended Multimedia Player

The VLC player is a cross-platform multimedia player that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, and various streaming protocols.